Unique Japanese Gifts - Some of Our Favourites


It doesn't just have to be for Christmas, gift giving is something we all love to do. Seeing the smiles on your friends and loved ones faces is absolutely priceless, especially when receiving a gift so unique and thoughtful.  

The beauty of gifting unique Japanese tableware is not only the stunning designs and wow factor, but also that most of us use dinnerware every day, so you can't go wrong. 

We've put together a list of some of our absolute favourite gifts from Sonosopa. 

Starting with a truly unique designed whiskey glass set, our Fujisan Whiskey tumblers are packaged in striking handmade wooden gift boxes and sealed with ribbon. These can make the perfect gift for him, or indeed any whiskey lover. 


Next up we have our favourite handmade Japanese chopsticks. These make a great gift for practically anyone as they are beginner chopstick friendly, due to the etched ridges they are really simple to grip. Each pair is delivered in a beautiful linen gift bag so the smiles really are pending. 


This is the perfect gift for any ramen lover, our famous Sonosopa minimalist ramen bowls. They are sturdy, well wrapped for delivery and designed to let the food do the talking. Why not go the extra mile and gift the whole ramen bowl collection... A selection of our favourite bowls. 
We finish off with our No.1 recommendation for a gift this year. The complete Japanese whiskey glass collection. Simply stunning and so unique, three of our favourite glass tumblers, each packaged in striking Sonosopa wooden gift boxes. In our opinion, this is the perfect unique Japanese gift in every sense. 
The best news, if you're ordering to the US all of our products are eligible for FREE 1-3 Day Expedited Delivery. 
Happy holidays from us all at Sonosopa.