Regenerating 100-Hectare Forest in Mt. Fuji

At Sonosopa we are proud to bring a little bit of Japan to your home, but we also feel it is important to give back. Japan is a country of outstanding natural beauty, and this is embodied within the sacred national symbol of Mount Fuji.

Due to a combination of the pandemic (affecting the mobilisation of environmental volunteers), insects and an increase in extreme weather conditions due to climate change, there has been a deterioration of the surrounding natural environment.

As of December 2022, we have partnered with OISCA International to take part in the Regenerating 100-Hectare Forest in Mt. Fuji project.

On a monthly basis, we are donating 2% of our total order revenue to help in the conservation and restoration of the environment surrounding the great Mount Fuji. This will start in the Yamanashi Prefecture.

Proceeds will be used to sub-contract local forest company and mobilize staff and other stakeholders. Works include raising up of the collapsed planted trees and erection of nets to protect them from deer, removal of the nets constricting the branches of the planted trees, and removal of the fallen Shirabe trees from the site. Informative documentation will also be disseminated to educate the public of the importance of forest conservation. To read the full project commitment and progress, please visit the site links above.

Thank you for reading.