All From One Friendly Chat..

Hi, I'm Alfie, the proud founder of Sonosopa. During early 2019 I spent time travelling Asia, falling in love with the culture, cuisine and of course the friendly people of these beautiful countries. It was in Japan however where the Sonosopa journey began. What started as a day trip to various ceramics and pottery studios around Kyoto, ended with a new found love and longing for the Japanese aesthetic. 

My dream was always to bring the minimalist beauty of Japanese tableware to as many dinner tables as possible. We proudly partner with various porcelain, pottery, glassware and woodworking studios in Eastern Asia to bring the stunning Japanese aesthetic to your home. The craft, the workmanship and the allure of the Japanese minimalistic design is truly one to be appreciated.

While we started as a small Etsy shop, Sonosopa has proudly blossomed into a great company to be a part of, and it is an amazing feeling to know our products and services are bringing smiles to the faces of those who order from us. I will now introduce you to our small but hard working team.

Thank you for reading.